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Red Hat and You

Jay Turner, Senior Director of Development and Operations, Console
Jay Turner, Senior Director of Development and Operations, Console

Jay Turner, Senior Director of Development and Operations, Console

The common business challenges, Red Hat organization faces at this point in time

The biggest challenge Red Hat faces is the cloud. When businesses use a Red Hat server in the future, the server will probably in the cloud, not on premise. Most of Red Hat’s business has been for on-premise servers based on a software subscription model. This is going to change.

As enterprises using Linux (Red Hat customers) move to the cloud, there will be huge demand for their employees to have fast and reliable connections to the cloud. The network is becoming more central to the customer than the operating system. Red Hat needs to address the network piece to continue to grow. The solution is for enterprises to invest more resources in learning about the network. For example, there is a huge amount of innovation in network technologies like SDN and NFV. There is a massive move to use open source for core networking infrastructure, replacing routers and switches to build a more flexible network. An organization can quickly build test networks with open source and experiment with SDN and NFV as well as other scenarios like private net­works between applications. They can easily download the proper open source pieces for free, including the pro­ject I am involved with, CloudRouter.

Benefits of Using Red Hat as an IaaS

If you are consuming Red Hat as an IaaS, you get the benefits of immediate innovations in security, performance, and reliability almost immediately. One example of the innovation is with containers. Getting Red Hat, applications, and network software components in a container enables a business to separate infrastructure from operations. Once they have their infrastructure in the cloud, the business can focus on business problems, focusing on innovation where they have core advantages. They do not have to waste business cycles on the details of security patches and deep technology.

 Budding technologists need to get involved with the community. This is their highest ROI 

Advice for budding technologists in the Red Hat space

Budding technologists need to get involved with the community. This is their highest ROI on their time. The open source community is vibrant. Use the code. Play with it. Ask questions.

Don’t be intimidated to contribute. I believe people can contribute from day one. For example, they can start by cleaning up the documentation and working through the install guides. A lot of projects fail because people don’t know about them or get fed up with the install process. People can contribute in many ways from the beginning.

Most communities have guidelines for developers to interact. People should get familiar with these guidelines. For example, CloudRouter has an open wiki for documentation. Some groups will use GitHub pull requests for documentation updates.

Red Hat will continue to be a technology leader and continue to be the 800 pound gorilla for enterprise sales. While Ubuntu has a strong open source community user base, Red Hat is clearly leading with enterprise sales. Red Hat may get more competition from companies like Oracle.

As Red Hat faces competition from these larger companies like Oracle, they will need to remain nimble, which is difficult as the company gets close to 10,000 employees. They will need to remember what is it is like to be a small, scrappy open source project.




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