Selecting Right Partners for Faster and Sustainable Solution Implementation

Dru Rai, CIO, Axalta Coating Systems

Dru Rai, CIO, Axalta Coating Systems

Global Integration for Success
Axalta Coating System’s most valued success factor with Microsoft Solutions is integration across the mission critical  distributed global systems. Other success factors include optimization of business processes and reducing development,  maintenance, and support costs side by side with adherence to evolving security and compliance considerations. Microsoft’s  Cloud offerings are maturing at a very rapid pace and are exceeding our expectations with regard to how fast new capabilities are being added, including improvements to scalability, flexibility, and ease of use. Their products and their capabilities  are evolving at a rapid rate which has provided a number of options from which to select new tools.
"Microsoft’s Cloud offerings are maturing at a very rapid pace and are exceeding our expectations with regard to how fast new capabilities are being added"
Focus on Data Protection through Mobile
As our business users become more mobile, data protection across the various mobile device platforms is our most valuable  security proposition. Positioning the right tools to address the concern is a high priority. We are looking for more  universal and cohesive management of data security through the life of the information. Microsoft’s current mobile strategy  is quickly evolving and will soon meet Axalta’s requirements.
Implementation of Emerging Trends for Added Business Value

The primary characteristics that drive value from Microsoft products are flexibility, intuitiveness, and integration capabilities. These characteristics enable faster realization of ROI and ultimately time to market. Many of the Microsoft  products improve business value by utilizing emerging trends like mobile, social, personalization, analytics and  collaboration. For example, Windows Azure facilitates effortless provisioning of servers when and where you need the capability. Power  BI and Excel Services provide analytic capabilities throughSharepoint. Office 365 cloud services enable  users to collaborate and exchange information on any device through well integrated tools like Office 2013, Sharepoint Online, Exchange and Lync.
Attain Technology Vision with Microsoft innovation Cycle
Orchestration and realization of company technology vision becomes attainable if aligned with current Microsoft product strategy and innovation cycle. Utilizing the right partners with the relevant technology experience from Microsoft’s eco-system will ensure faster and more sustainable solution implementations.

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