opensourcearchitect: Unlocking New IT Capabilities with Open Source Technology

Farhan Hussain, CEO
In today’s world of digitization, CIOs are attempting to retrieve maximum benefits out of technological innovations while better positioning IT departments to control costs providing continual value. This industry-wide push for innovation has created an increasingly disruptive technological landscape. To address this challenge, strategies that exploit open source technology can help gain greater efficiencies and agility required to increase the benefits that IT departments can deliver to the overall business. “By offering industry leading vendor support for its cutting edge open source technology, Red Hat powers some of the most demanding systems in the world” says Farhan Hussain, CEO at |opensourcearchitect|. As a Red Hat Premier Partner, |opensourcearchitect| works towards enabling new IT capabilities for its customers, helping them successfully navigate previously unseen challenges by delivering IT-enabled business strategy and transformation, and more efficient IT operations.

Constituting enterprise architects and middleware experts with over a decade of experience in open source technology, |opensourcearchitect| provides a full range of software development, IT management and infrastructure expertise. “Our portfolio of supported products, professional services and training drives significant value for our customers by helping them innovate with fewer resources. Our experienced teams deliver more value in less time at a lower total cost,” asserts Farhan. On the consulting front, the firm leverages open source technology and its certified consultants to deliver solutions at scale, thus, helping customers perform at higher levels. The company’s professional services portfolio includes strategy, design, roadmaps, end-to-end solution delivery, and authorized training for Red Hat Technology. “We see emerging Red Hat products such as JBoss Fuse, JBoss BPMS, OpenShift, JBoss xPaaS and FeedHenry as key components in our service offering implementing new technology trends,” says Farhan.

|opensourcearchitect| is recognized by Red Hat as elite, Premier Partner who can sell and provide professional services across all Red Hat middleware technology. Showcasing the company’s efficiency is its client association with a Catholic healthcare organization. With timing and budgetary constraints, the firm developed micro services to integrate the organizations systems using Red Hat’s emerging JBoss Fuse technology. |opensourcearchitect|’s consultants accelerated the project by developing an iterative plan working with the organization’s project managers.
A solution was architected addressing high availability, performance and scalability along with a plan for the team to deliver a production ready iteration in as little as four months.

The company embarks upon its ability to provide value as an experienced “Open Source Architect”: guiding their customers through a proven track record of delivery and unrivalled experience on Red Hat technology. “This is a key factor in increasing developer productivity, the number of net new applications delivered per year, and reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) across the entire software development lifecycle for our customers,” explains Farhan. Not only is |opensourcearchitect|'s technical staff required to complete and renew a certain number of Red Hat certifications, all new consultants are also required to teach a certification class on the latest open source technology in the first 30 days of employment. “It’s is an important requirement that we place on our consultants because it gives them the mentoring, and the teaching skills needed to help customers succeed,” elaborates Farhan.

When our customers build solutions involving Red Hat products, the subscription sale is only the beginning of the process. No matter how complex a customer’s needs become, we are poised to meet them, providing access to the range of technology, products, services and training expertise that only a mature partner can provide

Moving forward, |opensourcearchitect| envisions helping customers adopt the JBoss xPaaS and FeedHenry technology to build scalable and secure mobile services in a short amount of time. “We are really excited about the recent FeedHenry acquisition by RedHat adding an MBaaS technology to our portfolio of customer services and solutions. The demand from our clients for a mobility solution like FeedHenry has been overwhelming, and we are excited and ready to meet these opportunities at |opensourcearchitect|,” concludes Farhan.


Dallas, TX

Farhan Hussain, CEO

Provides organizations access to a range of enterprise open source products, services and training in partnership with Red Hat.