Tintri: Simply Store Virtualized Workloads

Ken Klein, Tintri’s CEO and Chairman
There is a major disconnect in the data centers. In 2005, only percent of workloads were virtualized, and so storage was built for physical worlds. In 2015, more than 75 percent of workloads are virtualized, and yet storage is still built for a physical world. Tintri simply stores virtualized workloads—completely eliminating the data center disconnect.

Tintri eliminates LUNs and volumes—the markers of out-of-date, physical storage—instead using individual virtual machines as the unit of management. With those opaque containers gone, organizations like AMD, Department of Defense, Time Warner and 6 of the Fortune 15 have total visibility into their storage. Tintri has been positioned as a Visionary by a leading analyst firm and named a 2015 ‘Technology of the Year’ by InfoWorld.

“Tintri storage helps organizations realize their virtualization vision. Since we shipped our first unit in 2011 we have helped organizations think and act in virtual machines. And of the thousands of units we’ve shipped following that first release, we’ve had zero returns and earned a 94-point Net Promoter Score,” notes Ken Klein, Tintri’s CEO and Chairman.

Since Tintri is hypervisor agnostic, it seamlessly supports Red Hat users. Customers of Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RHEV) have access to the benefits of VM-aware storage:

• Performance. Tintri delivers 6x faster performance than conventional storage. While conventional storage sequences I/O requests through a funnel, Tintri gives every VM its own lane, and every admin the ability to guarantee MIN and MAX IOPS per VM.

• Manageability. Tintri takes 1/60th the time to manage vs. conventional storage. Install and configure Tintri in less than ten minutes. Given Tintri automates most (previously labor intensive) storage tasks, you can manage your footprint in minutes per day.
• Scalability. Tintri lets you manage more than 100,000 VMs from a single pane of glass. So, as you scale your storage footprint, you don’t introduce more complexity.

• Visibility. Tintri allows lets you see latency across the entire infrastructure (host, network and storage) for every VM, so you can immediately pinpoint the root cause of performance issues.

Tintri is the only hypervisor agnostic storage platform with ‘VM-awareness’ to serve mixed workloads — servers, virtual desktop infrastructure and development all on a single Tintri VMstore20

Consider the case of Liongate Capital Management. They had been struggling with conventional storage—according to Dustin Mommen, Systems Manager: “The performance of the existing storage solutions could not keep up at peak times the I/O from one application could bring the whole company to a stop.” Then Liongate trusted their virtualized workloads (including Red Hat Linux servers running Web servers and CRM applications) to Tintri and, “Issues that used to take days to troubleshoot now take minutes. Tintri’s performance and VM-aware management make it a perfect fit for any virtualization deployment,” says Mommen.

“Tintri is the solution for organizations that have embraced virtualization. Too often, storage has been the bottleneck for VDI, server virtualization and private cloud—with Tintri, storage is the enabler of those initiatives, and freedom for the users,” said Ken Klein.


Mountain View, CA

Ken Klein, Tintri’s CEO and Chairman

A provider of smart storage system that can see, learn and adapt and enable IT departments to focus on virtualized applications instead of managing stoarge infrastructure.

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