International Computer Concepts, Inc: Leveraging the Data Center Automation and Redundancy

Change, Adaptation, and Perseverance. Ilya Stolyar, Founder and CEO of International Computer Concepts (ICC), a Red Hat Partner, would know this philosophy best. ICC was a recognized player in the desktop manufacturing business prior to its entry in the server and storage space. As the technology evolution began to brew, Stolyar realized the hidden potential in the server space, which eventually led him to explore opportunities in the realm of cloud and High-Performance Computing (HPC). “Today, our company is solving challenges in the hosting, data center deployment, and computing arena by leveraging tools and the lessons that we learned over the years,” says Alexey Stolyar, Director of Development, ICC.

Along the journey, the Northbrook, IL-based ICC joined hands with industry leaders such as Red Hat. “Red Hat is one of the few companies writing the next chapter in the playbook of data centers and servers. By leveraging Red Hat and its OpenStack tools, clients gain redundancy and automation in their data centers,” says Stolyar. The partnership has enabled ICC’s team to continually adapt to the constantly changing technology world and grow its expertise.

ICC builds Red Hat-based OpenStack solutions to address the management and operational issues of large data center and server farms. In the current data center environment where many firms are plagued with system downtimes and data loss, “We have adopted a proof of concept system, where we create reference architecture to illustrate the implementation methodology of our services and ways in which our redundancy service can prevent system downtimes,” explains Stolyar.

Additionally, ICC provides virtualization services to companies looking to enhance accessibility, performance, and better utilization of their IT resources. “We deliver enterprise-level virtualization service to our customers on the Red Hat OpenStack platform, which is cost effective and conditioned by our expert engineering staff,” says Stolyar. All the services offered by ICC are piloted by its supply chain methodology, which enables the company to respond quickly to customers’ needs.

By leveraging Red Hat and its OpenStack tools, clients will gain redundancy and automation in their data centers

“Once we deliver our platform, our engineers work closely with customers, helping them derive maximum value from the solution,” adds Stolyar.

ICC serves various domains including the financial sector which involves high-regulated data center environments. “For financial computing, we provide over-clock platform that offers low latency for high frequency traders. Built on Red Hat kernel, this platform ensures enterprise-level support to clients’ data center deployments,” says Stolyar.

ICC has also worked in the education sector with institutions such as the Indiana University to confer the benefits of HPC. “A HPC tool, built on the bedrocks of Red Hat stack was developed from scratch to specifically help Indiana University with research applications such as machine learning,” says Stolyar. In addition, ICC is currently working on a project with a Tier- 2 customer that is seeking to implement the OpenStack platform, with the support of Software Defined Networking on the switching side and SAP on the storage side.

In the near future, ICC plans toexpand its footprint in the Asian and European markets. Further, the company is investing in R&D to increase its expertise in managing multi-data center environments.

International Computer Concepts, Inc

Northbrook, IL

Alexey Stolyar, Director of Development and Ilya Stolyar, Founder & CEO

ICC is a computer systems integrator and server manufacturing company focused on developing products to meet a wide range of computational needs for many industries

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