PLUMgrid: Simplifies OpenStack Cloud Deployments

Larry Lang, President & CEO
For small to midsize businesses, cloud technologies like OpenStack is an indispensable element—to enable collaboration, streamline business processes, and ensure integrity of operations. However, businesses need to know whether the adopted OpenStack-related technologies have been thoroughly tested together, resulting in certified solutions that are fully supported by the partners involved. To this need, PLUMgrid delivers a flexible, scalable, integrated solution—Open Networking Suite (ONS) for OpenStack deployment in Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) environments. It is certified for Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform—the fastest-growing cloud infrastructure platform. PLUMgrid ONS is a linch-pin comprehensive software suite, enables secure and scalable Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and NFV infrastructure for OpenStack clouds.

With this platform the customers can have a widely supported application environment for their cloud workloads. The firm’s ONS solution enables modern data centers to connect tenants, applications and workloads systematically across virtualized architectures. It offers complete encryption, rich set of high performance virtual network functions, high availability features, and third party service insertion. The PLUMgrid certification with Red Hat enables customers to more rapidly make use of new enhancements in Red Hat OpenStack Platform 8.

Furthermore, PLUMgrid’s ONS 5.0 delivers advanced SDN services meeting the production requirements of OpenStack clouds—to simplify deployments and increase operational efficiency. "PLUMgrid ONS 5.0 is among the industry's first software-only virtual networking solutions to be certified with Red Hat OpenStack Platform 8," says Larry Lang, CEO, PLUMgrid. With this certification, Red Hat customers can more securely run PLUMgrid ONS via an OpenStack Networking (Neutron) plug-in on Red Hat OpenStack Platforms. Most importantly it enables customers to more rapidly make use of new enhancements in Red Hat OpenStack Platform 8 and delivers immediate access to cloud network experts 24/7 videlicet, user authentication, security policies and encryption.

In conjunction with PLUMgrid ONS, the firm’s CloudApex—SDN visualization and monitoring platform displays real-time status of physical and virtual resources in OpenStack and container clouds.

PLUMgrid ONS for OpenStack comprehensive software suite, enables secure and scalable SDN and NFV infrastructure for OpenStack clouds

It speeds up network deployment and simplifies day-to-day operations at scale and reduces production downtime. Built on distributed In-kernel architecture, PLUMgrid CloudApex leverages IO Visor technology and collects logs and statistics for any networking device. The monitoring platform offers enhanced comprehensive monitoring data—from initial deployment to runtime operations all the way to upgrades in an intuitive and simple visualization format.

Vindicating such expertise, PLUMgrid assisted Interactive Intelligence—an Indianapolis, IN based firm that focuses on the potential of the cloud with its Interactive Intelligence Communications as a Service (CaaS) for mid-size to large organizations. However, they encountered quandaries in creating Virtual Network Infrastructure (VNI) templates, provision network resources instantly, and customize customer security policies. After scrutinizing through prospects, PLUMgrid’s ONS for OpenStack solution promptly offered Interactive with a set of networking services with terabits of scale, production-grade resiliency with a fully distributed set of Virtual Networking Functions (VNFs). Resultantly, it enabled CaaS to move into an OpenStack framework to speed up deployment time and satisfy the core requirements, to provision VNI with custom secure settings in minutes—enabling higher utilization of its infrastructure. Upon using PLUMgrid ONS for OpenStack, Interactive was instrumental in building a foundation for scalable cloud networking in its data center.

As Red Hat’s OpenStack offerings perpetuates to procure worldwide acceptance, PLUMgrid’s vice-like focus lies in consistently delivering more options to the enterprise customers. With a high-powered office atmosphere the firm has expanded post-hast in a short span and is indeed destined to be a behemoth in future.


Santa Clara, CA

Larry Lang, President & CEO

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