Extreme Digital Solutions: Tailoring Red Hat Enterprise Applications

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Mauricio Affonso da Conceição, Director
The business landscape is increasingly witnessing digitalized workflow as the new gold standard for organizations to indicate their degree of business maturity. Nonetheless, the fringe benefit of a well-vetted digitalized infrastructure cannot be achieved without the development of a robust digital strategy. As a result, organizations cannot merely employ cloud-based open source applications and call themselves digital. At the wake of these concerns, Brazilian IT company Extreme Digital Solutions (EDS) comes to the rescue. A premium Red Hat partner, EDS works extensively with Red Hat OpenShift software to offer best in class consulting, implementation, and training services. Talking about the unique partnership that EDS shares with Red Hat, Mauricio Affonso da Conceição, director of EDS says, “While open source giant like Red Hat is there to help companies build, distribute, and deploy cloud-based applications at scale, we are there to support the companies in its digitalization planning, deployment, integration, and customization aspects.”

EDS is also a CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) Dev ML 3 certified company, and thus takes a defined and standardized software and application development approach to help its customers’ digitalization needs. Making an intense effort to gather in-depth knowledge of the customer’s needs, EDS builds tailored and value-added digital applications on Red Hat’s OpenShift platform to help large companies adopt a more agile work environment. Elaborating further, Mauricio says, “Today, EDS leads the recent trends of digital experience (DX) for businesses by using Red Hat OpenShift to design, plan, and deploy industry-leading open source and cloud computing solutions.” EDS’ team of experts includes close to 200 certified professionals that leverage recent technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), big data, and cloud to address current trends of virtualization, data protection, information security, system integration, and data analytics for their clients. Considering the fact that many of the companies these days are looking at software-defined storage (SDS), EDS is also currently working toward a vendor-agnostic SDS solution that can combine different storage types (cloud and on-premise) to offer a unified SDS.

Today, EDS leads the recent trends of digital experience for businesses by using Red Hat OpenShift to design, plan, and deploy industry-leading open source and cloud computing solutions

Simultaneously, the recent buzz around GDPR has made the company tighten their security around their data protection solutions and services.

The company’s clientele includes both government and private sector customers. For all its clients, EDS extends its consultative arm to clearly understand the challenges that the company (or agency, in case of the public sector) is going through before crystallizing a full-blown digital strategy for them. At the core of these digital transformation services, tailored Red Hat enterprise applications offered by EDS plays a critical role to help clients mitigate their organizational setbacks.

Mauricio also notes that it is EDS’ three-step quality assurance policy that helps them ensure a higher percentage of customer satisfaction. While the first step for EDS is to promote, develop, and commercialize innovative information technology solutions and services, the second step, entails meeting—and surpassing—client expectations. To add to it, the third step for EDS is to ensure if their approach is helping clients receive their expected financial and strategic gains. Apart from the strong technological prowess, the company’s strong social and ethical responsibilities and round the clock support also display EDS’ high standard of professionalism that they undertake for their customers. Moving forward, as a part of the roadmap, Mauricio states, “EDS is looking to expand its capabilities and offer their Red Hat open source expertise to customers outside Brazil as well.”

Extreme Digital Solutions

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Mauricio Affonso da Conceição, Director

Extreme Digital Solutions offers development, modelling, implementation and training of innovative systems integration solutions, business intelligence, and digital processes using Red Hat OpenShift

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